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Driving in Phuket

Q: What do I have to know before driving in Thailand?
1. Drivers must have the driver's license issued by the Department of Land Transport or the international driver's license.
2. Must strictly follow the traffic regulations.
3. Must wear safety helmet (for motorcycle) and seatbelt for both driver and front seat (for car).
4. Do not exceed 60 km/hr (city limit) and 90 km/hr (highway limit).
5. Do not operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. If blood alcohol level exceed 50 mg. percent, the driver must be indicted.

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Q: What do I have to know before driving in Phuket?
1. There are many curves and hills in west coast of Phuket Island. You have to drive carefully, especially on the hills around Patong Beach which always have accidents.

2. Beware of motorcycles! There are many motorcycles in Phuket Island, which do not always drive follow traffic law. So when you drive pass or follow motorcycles, please do be careful.

3. There are many one-way roads in Phuket Town, business area and major beaches. Please see you map carefully before you enter town area.

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Q: How is the parking situation in Phuket?
Its not hard to find parking space in Phuket compare with other big cities. Most hotels has free parking service for their guests. The parking space of some hotels in the major beaches (Patong, Kata, and Karon Beach) is not so big, so it may not have enough parking area in high season.

In most public area, you can park without parking fee. But in busy area, you may have to pay parking fee which is not expensive (approximately 5 10 baht/hour).

Dont worry about parking space, normally you can easily find parking space for your car, except in some busy roads in Phuket Town and Patong Beach.

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Q: Can I park a car on road side?
Before you park a car, you have to see a sign on road side. In some roads, you cannot park on both sides. Some roads, you cannot park in rush hours (07.00 - 09.00 or 16.00 - 19.00).

There are signs indicate even date or odd date parking in some roads in Phuket Town and on major beaches, such as Patong Beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach. For example, if the sign indicate you cannot park on even date ("No parking on even date"), you cannot park on the date 2nd, 4th, 6th, ...

So what we recommend is "Don't forget to see a sign every time before you park your car".

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Q: What will happen if I park my car in no parking area?
Your car may be locked by police, and you may also lose your time and money. If you park your car in no parking area, police may use chains lock wheel of your car. So you cannot move your car at all.

If your car has been locked, you have to go to police station to pay penalty. Then police officer will unlock your car.

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