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Name : Mrs Clare Ashcroft
Country : United Kingdom
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 21 Apr 2007
Comments : Dear Mr.Thomwit Areerasdra

... We had a wonderful holiday in Thailand-Thank You. We were very happy with the service you provided, specially as you provided the Honda Jazz. Although the car had slight body work marks, it was an excellent car and we were very pleased. If we come back to Phuket we will certainly use your services again, and recommend you to any of our friends who might come.

Very Best Wishes, and a Happy Thai New Year to you too
Mrs Clare Ashcroft

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Name : Ms. Mary Kellerand
Country : United States
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 23 Apr 2007
Comments : Dear Thomwit Areerasdra,

Thank you very much for all of your help. We booked the Isuzu DMax today. I have read that your company is the best with service. That is true. I appreciate your courtesy and help. We are very excited to visit...

Thank you again-
Mary Kellerand Family

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Name : Mr. Dominic Symes
Country : South Africa
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 4 May 2007
Comments : Dear Thomwit,

Thank you for the excellent service once again. We will be visiting Phuket in ... again and I will contact you closer to the time with dates for the DMAX rental.

Dominic Symes
Cape Town South Africa

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Name : Mr. Guggenhubl
Country : Switzerland
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 7 May 2007
Comments : Dear Mr. Areeerasdra

Oh yes we had a great stay in Phuket, also because your service was excellent. Thanks again.
Unfortunately in Switzerland it is cold and rainy (10 grad).

Best regards from Switzerland
iris guggenb?hl

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Name : Mr. Irv Beiman
Country : USA
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 8 May 2007
Comments : I love renting from you because you ARE service oriented and professional. There was a small problem with the cars air conditioning. I could not adjust the air conditioning to bring in fresh air. It would only "recirculate". The lever would
not move off the left hand position. Also, occasionally in both this and the previous rental, the blue light would come on for awhile indicating it needed water, BUT it did NOT seem to actually need water.

Everything else worked very well!

I plan to come back the first week of ... for AT LEAST a week, so please hold a car for me then;.

Best Regards,
Khap Khun Krab
Pure Car Rent : I have checked with our staff this morning. The blue light is indicating cold engine. It only appears in first few minutes after you start the car. After the engine temperature is go up to the proper operating temperature, the light will disappear. Anyway, you can use the car as normally (drive slowly first), although blue light is on.

The lever for adjusting the circulation of air do have a problem. The lever is in the recirculate position only as you told me. We have to bring the car to check at Toyota. There would be a mistake since it manufectured, because the car is only 6 months old.

Thanks for all your comments.
Best regards,
Thomwit Areerasdra

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