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Name : Mr.Tony Zahnleiter
Country : Australia
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 26 Jul 2007
Comments : Thank you and yes we did have great time in Phuket and hope to visit again maybe next year. We found your service very good with the convenience of having the car delivered and picked up from our hotel . The car was very reliable and looked well maintained. Was great size to get around the island.

Thanks Tony Zahnleiter

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Name : Mr. Florian Schuffner
Country : Germany
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 12 Aug 2007
Comments : Thanks, with pleasure I will use your services again

Best regards
Florian Schuffner

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Name : Mr. Joseph Yong
Country :  
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 13 Aug 2007
Comments :

Hi Thomwit,

... I had a wonderful time with my family. I'll definitely recommend you to my friends


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Name : Mr. L C Wong
Country :  
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 13 Aug 2007
Comments : Dear Mr Areerasdra,

... The service is nice and we did enjoy the driving and holiday.

Just a recommendation. We have a small problem of how to open the back door in the beginning. At last, a nearby local driver kindly helped to open it. Quite tricky as the lock was a bit rusty. So, not sure whether lubricant can be added to solve the porblem.

L C Wong.
Pure Car Rent : Dear Mr. Wong,

Thanks for your email and your comments. The back cover of the Suzuki Caribian jeep is really a problem some times. Becasue the latch of the jeep was sticted with the fibergrass part of the canopy, and as you know Suzuki Caribian in Thailand is old, so it is worn after a long time using. We have ever tried to tighten it up, but it may make the fibergrass break. And after few weeks of using, it will be worn again.

Anyway thanks for your helpful comments, and we will try to check it frequently.

Best regards,
Thomwit Areerasdra

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Name : Mr. Phongsakdi Chakshuvej
Country : Thailand
Service : Car Rentals
Date : 5 Sep 2007
Comments : We would also like to thank you for your service which we are quite satisfied with. Hope to use your service again once we are in Puket.

rgds from Bangkok

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