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Phang Nga Province - Attractions - Nearby Islands

Similan Islands National Park

Similan Island's Coral Reef, Phang NgaSimilan Islands (Moo Koh Si Mi Lan); this group of nine small islands located 50 kilometers off the west coast of Phang-nga in the Andaman Sea, has been rated by Skin Diving Magazine in the USA as one of the ten most beautiful spots in the world because of its beauty both underwater and on land. From north to south the islands are: Bon Island (Koh Bon), Ba Ngu Island (Koh Ba Ngu), Similan Island (Koh Si Mi Lan), Pa Yoo Island (Koh Pa Yoo), Ha Island (Koh Ha), Miang Island (Koh Miang), Ba Yan Island (Koh Ba Yan), Pa Yang Island (Koh Pa Yang), and Hu Yong Island (Koh Hu Yong). The offices of the national park are located on Miang Island, as there is fresh-water on the island. Ta Chai Island between Similan Islands and the Surin Islands, is also part of the national park. Tourist attractions here in the national park are:

Similan Island, Phang NgaSimilan Island: This is the largest island in the national park and has a curing bay resembling a horse shoe. The underwater view here is spectacular with beautiful coral reefs, idea for diving. The beach on the island is white, fine graining sand. On the north end of the island are extraordinary-looking rocks. Once of them, for example, resembles a sailboat. This spot is fantastic view point.

Puzar Rock: Also known as Skull Island (Koh Hua Kha Loke) or Baby Elephant Rock (Hin Luek Chang), the under water landscape here is like valleys in a mountain, all of them full of coral and fish. Dolphins can sometimes be spotted here.

Hu Yong Island: This island boasts the whitest and longest beach in the national park. During November to February sea turtles come up to the beach to lay eggs.

Miang Island: This is the second largest island in the national park and boasts beautiful beaches. There is also fresh water on the island. The offices of the national park are here.

Ta Chai Island: This is the island located between the Similan Islands and the Surin Islands. On the island are rocks, streams, waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and near-extinct species as Nicobar pigeons.

To get there, from Thap Lamu Pier (Thar Rue Thap La Mu) which is located in Thai-Mueng District, Phang Nga Province. The trip takes 2 - 3 hours. Large boats and speed boats are available for rent here, or visitors could contact the national park's office at the pier or buy tour from many tour agencies in Phuket and Phang Nga.

Accommodations on the Similan Islands can be reserved at the Similan Islands National Park Offices, Moo 1, Tambon Lamkaen, Thai Mueng District, Phang Nga. Tel. 0-7659-5045, 0-7642-1365.

The national park is open to the public during November 16th - May 15th of each year. However, checking the weather conditions before going is recommended.

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