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Phang Nga Province - Attractions - Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay National Park

Phang-nga Bay was declared a national park on April 29, 1981 and covers a total area of 250,000 rai in the district of Muang (Phang-nga Town) and Thakua-thung. Tourist attractions in Phang-nga Bay:

Panyee Island

Panyee Island (Koh Pan Yee): Most of islanders are Muslim fisher-folk. This well known Muslim village built almost entirely on stilts and nestled against a limestone cliff. There are many souvenir shops and restaurants on the island.

Khao Phing-Kan Island

Khao Phing-Kan Island (Koh Khao Phing Kan): This famous attraction is located in Thakua-thung District. The island is also called 'James Bond Island', because once used as a location for film The Man with the Golden Gun. The name of the island (Phing Kan) refers to two flat limestone cliffs leaning toward each other. From Khao Phing-Kan you can see another famous attraction, Thapu Island.

Thapu Island

Thapu Island (Koh Tha Pu): an island that resembles a nail.

Lod Cave

Lod Cave (Thum Lod): This cave has beautiful and stalactites. Tourists can go through the cave on long-tail boat.

Hong Island

Hong Island (Koh Hong): 'Hong' means 'room' in English. Canoes can enter the caves of this island and find a lagoon that is surrounded by walls of limestone, similar to being in a large hall. This island and Panak Island is a paradise for kayaking.

Panak Island

Panak Island (Koh Pa Nak): This island has a cave full of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, along with a small stepped waterfall and a lagoon ideal for canoeing. There are also many types of flora and fauna to be found in the island's mangrove forest.

Lawa Yai Island

Lawa Yai Island (Koh La Wa Yai): This island is approximately two hours away by long-tail boat from the national park. It is a small island with beautiful white beaches, clear water, and beautiful coral.

Khao Khien Island

Khao Khien Island (Koh Khao Khien): This island is located on the way to Panyee Island. Animal drawing that date back more than 3,000 years ago are on the wall of Khao Khien.

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Getting There

To travel around Phang Nga Bay, you can contact tour agencies in Phuket and Phang Nga or get your own transportation to Phang Nga Bay and hire a boat. There are many places where boats can be rent to travel to Phang-nga Bay, such as:

- Customs Pier (Tha Daan Sul La Ka Korn): This pier is near the Phang-nga Bay Resort. Boats from small to large may be rented here.
- Surakul Pier or Kasom Pier (Tha Su Ra Kul or Tha Ka Som): The pier is in Thakua-thung District. The boats available here are roofed long-tailed boats.
- The pier in the area of Phang-nga Bay National Park: Roofed long-tail boats can be rented here.
- The Provincial Administration Organization Pier (Tha Or Bor Jor): Roofed long-tail boats are available here.

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