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Travel Information - Thai Language Guide

When speaking Thai, speaker should end his or her sentences with "krap" (for men-gender of the speaker) or "kha" (for women-gender of the speaker) to make the sentences more polite.

Greetings & General Words

Hello "sa-wad-dee"
How are you? "sa-bai-dee-rue"
I'm fine. "sa-bai-dee"
Thank you. "khob-khun"
Excuse me. "khor-thoat"
Yes "chai" or "krap" / "kha"
No "mai-chai" or "mai-krap" / "mai-kha"
I or me "phom" (for men) / "di-chun" (for women)
you "khun"
What? "ar-rai"
When? "meua-rai"
Where? "thee-nhai"

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Getting Around

go "pai"
home, house "baan"
hotel "rohng-raem"
bank "tha-na-karn"
airport "sa-naam-bin"
bus station "sa-thar-nee-khon-song"
train station "sa-thar-nee-rot-fai"
restaurant "raan-ar-harn"
market "ta-laat"
post office "pai-sa-nee"
town "muang"
beach "haad-sai"
sea "ta-lay"
river "mae-num"
mountain "phu-khao"
island "koh"
car "rot"
jeep "rot-jeep"
taxi "rot-thaek-see"
bus "rot-bus"
motorcycle "rot-mor-toe-sai"
train "rot-fai"

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Day, Date

day "wan"
today "wan-nee"
tomorrow "wan-phrung-nee" or "phrung-nee"
yesterday "meua-waan-nee" or "meua-waan"
Sunday "wan-ar-thit"
Monday "wan-chan"
Tuesday "wan-ang-kharn"
Wednesday "wan-put"
Thursday "wan-pa-rue-haat"
Friday "wan-suk"
Saturday "wan-sao"
date "wan-thee"

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Month, Year

Month "deuan"
January "deuan-mok-ka-ra-kom"
February "deuan-koum-pa-pun"
March "deuan-mee-na-kom"
April "deuan-may-sah-yon"
May "deuan-phruk-sa-pa-kom"
June "deuan-mi-thu-na-yon"
July "deuan-ka-rak-ka-da-kom"
August "deuan-singh-ha-kom"
September "deuan-kan-ya-yon"
October "deuan-tu-la-kom"
November "deuan-phruk-sa-ji-ka-yon"
December "deuan-thun-wa-kom"
year "pee"

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time "way-la"
hour "chuar-moeng"
minute "na-tee"
second "wi-na-tee"
now "torn-nee"

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0 zero "souen"
1 one "neung"
2 two "songh"
3 three "saam"
4 four "sii"
5 five "har"
6 six "hok"
7 seven "jeth"
8 eight "paet"
9 nine "kao"
10 ten "sib"
11 eleven "sib-at"
12 twelve "sib-songh"
13 thirteen "sib-saam"
20 twenty "yee-sib"
21 twenty one "yee-sib-at"
22 twenty two "yee-sib-songh"
23 twenty three "yee-sib-saam"
30 thirty "saam-sib"
40 forty "si-sib"
50 fifty "har-sib"
60 sixty "hok-sib"
70 seventy "jeth-sib"
80 eighty "paet-sib"
90 ninety "kao-sib"
100 one hundred "neung-roi"
200 two hundred "songh-roi"
300 three hundred "saam-roi"
1,000 one thousand "neung-pun"
2,000 two thousand "songh-pun"
3,000 three thousand "saam-pun"
10,000 ten thousand "neung-meun"
100,000 hundred thousand "neung-saen"
1,000,000 one million "neung-laan"

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food "ar-harn"
rice "khao"
fried rice "khao-phad"
fish "pla"
shrimp, prawn "kung"
lobster "kung-mung-korn"
crab "pu"
snail, mussel "hoiy"
pork "mue"
chicken "kai"
beef "nuea"
water "num"

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