Pick Up - Drop Off at.. Hotels in Phuket

Q: How can I pick up rental car at my HOTEL ?
At the booking time, our reservation staff will confirm your booking with your pick up date, time, and hotel's name. At pick up time, our staff will check your name with the hotel's reception, then call to your room.

After you meet our staff, you have to identify yourself by showing your passport, driver's license and credit card. Then our staff will verify your documents and make a car rental agreement.

Notes: If you will check in with other name, please inform our reservation staff. So our staff can easily contact you at your hotel.


Q: How can I return rental car at my HOTEL ?
At return time, our staff will go to meet you at your hotel and call to your room. Then our staff will check if everything is ok, then finish your rental

Notes: If return time is too early in the morning, or too late at night, our staff may ask you to leave the rental car in the hotel car park, and leave the car's key at hotel reception. Then our staff will go to collect the car later (as soon as possible).