While Renting a Car

Q: If rental car break down, what should I do ?
Just call us. We have 24 hrs Emergency Roadside Assistance Service - Although all our cars and jeeps are well maintained, in case of emergency, we will send our staff to help our customer problem solving in an hour (7.30am-7.00pm) or as soon as possible (7.00pm-7.30am).


Q: If I have an accident, what should I do ?
In case of accident, first of all, you have to write down the registration number, brand, model, and color of the other car. Then if possible, you have to ask the other car's driver name and telephone number.

Then call us as soon as possible, after that we will contact insurance company. The insurance staff will go to meet you within 0.5 - 1 hour.

Notes: Please refuse to pay money to anybody before you meet our insurance staff or police.